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7 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats to Stand On While Working

Have you ever felt like your knees or lower back started hurting while you were standing for a long time working at your kitchen counter or on your computer?

What you are feeling is compressive forces of your body against the hard floor coming back up into your joints. Let us explain. Gravity is always pulling on you. So your body is being pulled down toward the floor while you stand and since the floor is hard, the force does not dissipate, but rather, it comes back up into your body and you can feel it in your joints as pain.

However, if you stand on something like an anti-fatigue mat which is made from foam , this can disperse the forces better so that you don't feel them coming back up into your body as much. Think of it like sitting on a hard wooden chair versus sitting in a cushioned recliner. Big difference!

Read more about different anti-fatigue mats in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in Good Housekeeping.

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