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8 Best Neck Massagers According to Experts and Reviewers

These past 2 years of the pandemic have been hard on everyone's bodies as we adapt to digital technology which means we are sitting at our computers more or holding our phones as we engage in digital meetings, sometimes for many hours.

This has led many people to develop tightness in their neck that seems to come on with added hours at the computer. If this is you, you should have your physical therapist examine your neck to rule out anything more serious than just muscle tightness. After that, discuss with your PT which at home massage tool would be best for you. There are now several different home massagers that can help.

Read more about the different massager options in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in Prevention.

If you would like help with your neck pain or tightness, Marko Physical Therapy can help.

Make an appointment today with a physical therapist. We have in person and telehealth appointments available.

A physical therapist can help you Restore Your Body!


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