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Exercise Modifications for People With Hand Osteoarthritis

If your hands feel stiff and painful when you peform activities using them, you may have osteoarthritis there.

You might think not using them will make them feel better, but this is actually incorrect. Hands are comprised of many different joints which need to be kept moving to maintain joint health.

There are several modifications one can perform to help the joints in the hands feel better. Also, strengthening your shoulder and shoulder blades will take demand off of your hands. A stronger shoulder helps the hands to perform less work.

Read more about this in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in LiveStrong.

If you would like help with your hand pain, Marko Physical Therapy can help.

Make an appointment today with a physical therapist! We are doing both in person and telehealth.

A physical therapist can help you Restore Your Body!


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