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What is Health Advocacy?

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Dr. Bianca Beldini's Integrative Wellness Collective Instagram Live where we discussed health advocacy. Now, you might not know what that is, but trust me, it's worth you learning!

To be a health advocate means you lobby your legislators at the federal and/or state level to help change laws that would make improvements in the health care system. These changes would help benefit myself, my profession, and of course, YOU!

One does not need to be a healthcare provider to be an advocate. As a consumer of health care in this country, you too can be an advocate.

Why would you care? Because things like:

-High Deductibles

-High Copays

-Prior Authorization

-Decreasing Reimbursment

-The possibility of your favorite PT or MD clinic having to close because of decreased insurance payments

-The insurance company having a medical management company who only gives you 6 visits when your plan clearly states you have 60 per calendar year

-YOUR insurance follows whatever Medicare decides to do! (Wait...Whaaaa?)

-The fact that Medicare says Telehealth for PT will go back to NOT being reimbursed after the COVID 19 Pandemic is over

-Student Loan Debt Burden

-And SO MANY more....