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12 Hip Exercises to Increase Strength and Mobility

Hip Mobility...have you heard of it? It's the ability for your hip joint to move in the many directions it does and trust me, you need it.

Hip mobility is needed for all of the many things we do in life: walking, sitting down in a chair, going up stairs, and much more. If you need to do something like reach down to the floor or sit on the floor, you need more hip mobility than you usually do with just walking.

Read more about exercises you can do to help increase hip mobility and strength Dr. Marko's new guest feature in Verywell Fit.

If you would like to improve your hip mobility to have better function, Marko Physical Therapy can help.

Make an appointment today with a physical therapist! We are doing both in person and telehealth.

A physical therapist can help you Restore Your Body!


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