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5 Surprising Benefits of Virtual Physical Therapy

Not only can virtual physical therapy be highly effective, it offers a host of other benefits that may surprise you. Online physical therapy:

1. Furthers patients’ independence

Virtual physical therapy actually encompasses the core of what we do as clinicians – that is, further our patients’ independence by enabling them to self-manage their symptoms and the progression of therapeutic activities in their home environment. Exercise prescription and movement analysis is our expertise as physical therapists, and we can do this very effectively through telehealth. 2. Highlights how much progress can be made at home

Patients often don’t realize how much they can achieve by following an individualized plan of care at home. A silver lining of having to stay at home is that patients are seeing how much progress they can make and are also gaining confidence in their ability to advance their functionality mobility, even when they’re not in the gym with their therapist. Many patients who were first skeptical of virtual physical therapy sessions are now loving them – and the progress they are making. 3. Reduces stress and improves respiratory health

It’s more important than ever to stay physically active during this difficult time. Moving and exercising – including physical therapy – can reduce overall stress levels, improve respiratory status and improve overall health. Don’t forget that physical activity causes the release of endorphins, which are the ‘feel good’ hormones that boost your mood and general health. 4. Helps increase the effectiveness of at-home workouts

While patients are provided an individualized plan of care regardless of where therapy takes place, the personalized recommendations for effective at-home exercises are especially valuable while gyms are closed and as online workouts generally cater to the masses. Always reach out to your physical therapist if you’re in need of ideas for new exercises. We’re here to help! 5. Strengthens the immune system

Human connection strengthens the immune system, and while social distancing measures are in place, online physical therapy visits provide patients another avenue to connect with a partner who is not only supportive of their physical health … but also of their general well-being. Interested in learning more? Explore Marko Physical Therapy's virtual physical therapy or contact us to connect at 347.766.5979


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