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A Physical Therapist Tells Us Once and for All Whether Posture Correctors Really Work

Have you ever felt like it's difficult to sit upright at your desk while working at the computer? You're not alone, many people feel this way.

It's fatiguing for your muscles to have to maintain a static position for a very long time. While it's not advised to wear any kind of brace 100% of the time, wearing it a short time during your work day could be beneficial because you can get some structural support, taking demand off of your muscles. A "posture corrector" is one such brace that you could wear during the middle of the work day when your neck or lower back starts to hurt.

There are also some exercises that are specific for mid back strength that will help to improve your tolerance to holding your spine stable.

Read more about all of this in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in Well + Good.

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