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Cracking the Code of Frozen Shoulder: What You Must Know

Unforeseen pain while lifting the arm, stiffness, and discomfort—these are telltale signs of a condition that often catches sufferers off guard: frozen shoulder. As a common yet perplexing ailment, understanding its intricacies is key to finding relief. In a recent article, we delve into the depths of frozen shoulder, shedding light on its origins, symptoms, and potential treatments.

From its puzzling onset to its potential impact on daily life, frozen shoulder presents challenges that demand attention. Discover the risk factors, treatment options, and proactive measures to reclaim mobility and ease discomfort. In her interview for Next Avenue, Dr. Marko shares invaluable insights on frozen shoulder, offering a comprehensive understanding of this condition. Don't let a frozen shoulder hold you back—dive in and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to thaw out those frozen joints.


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