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How Does Posture Change with Age?

There's been some controversy lately over "posture" and what we think of as good or bad. It has been said that there is no bad posture. Except, if you are unable to come out of that posture, then that is deemed "bad".

Slouching or hunching while sitting isn't bad in of itself. The issue is that when you chronically do that, the bones of your spine and the muscles of your neck, chest, midsection, and hips, get stuck in that position.

As we age, we lose flexibility in our muscles and mobility in our joints. That fact, combined with chronic slouching can lead to problems and often pain. If you cannot sit fully upright, you are not able to fully breathe. Try it. Slouch over far and try to take a deep breath in. It's difficult. Now slouch again, and try to reach your arm over your head. You will notice you can't fully lift up the arm. The reason is you need good spinal extension (the ability to sit erect) in order for your shoulder to have full range of motion to reach overhead.

Yes, the old adage, the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, applies.

Read more about postural changes that might come with age and how to correct them Dr. Marko's new guest spot in WebMD.

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