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How to Stay Healthy in These Challenging Times

The last several days and weeks we have all been learning about the coronavirus, COVID-19, and how it is impacting our everyday lives. For us, at Marko Physical Therapy that means understanding how it affects our patients and the NYC community.

Our objective continues to be keeping our patients, friends, family, and selves healthy and safe. Thus, we made the decision to close the in person office until further notice to protect everyone's health and to help flatten the curve.

However, during these challenging times with the COVID-19 outbreak we must try to remain healthy and perform self-care. We realize that our patients still need physical therapy during this time. Thus, we have swiftly implemented a telehealth platform for continuity of care for our patients. Marko Physical Therapy now offers telehealth sessions for all residents in New York state. Telemedicine services are new to us, but we're well prepared and will support you when you need us.

Telehealth is a face to face, one on one session with a licensed physical therapist completed via a video call with either your computer or smartphone through an online platform with nothing for you to download.  All visits are HIPAA compliant, encrypted, and no personal health information is recorded.



  • To make a Telehealth visit simply email:

  • Before your session, please download our consent form, sign, email it back

  • A link will be sent to your email from Marko Physical Therapy before your appointment

  • Please click on the link and enter the waiting room

  • We will check in with you on how you are currently doing,  review current exercise program, progress exercises and stretches as needed, show you self mobilizations, and support you going further

  • All sessions are 30 minutes

  • Cost: Many health insurers are now covering telehealth

  • Medicare Patients: CMS has just allowed you to receive e visits

There are, of course, limitations associated with virtual visits but ultimately, together, we will make decisions based based on your condition to prescribe appropriate treatment options to keep you healthy.

Please let us know how we can help keep you healthy using our new telehealth platform.

We are here for you and the rest of our community!

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Theresa Marko

Dr. Theresa Marko, PT, DPT, MS, OCS is a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic physical therapy & owner at Marko Physical Therapy, PLLC in NYC.

Dr. Marko specializes in general orthopaedics, as well as adolescent injuries and pediatric issues. If you would like to reach out to her you can by email or phone.

Phone: 347.766.5979


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