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In Person or Virtual PT? You Can Do Both!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

With COVID19 Cases on the rise again, we would like to remind you that Marko Physical Therapy is here for you from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can participate in only virtual PT sessions or have a combination of in person & virtual at any time. You choose whatever feels best for you.

Virtual PT is a little bit different than in person

What Happens during a Virtual PT session? Your PT will....

-Discuss your current issues

-Assess your strength and flexibility by having you show them different movements

-Have you perform exercises to help with your specific issue while they closely watch your form and alignment and make suggestions on how to improve

-Modify your program for your continued progress and improved strength

-Show you how to perform self massage/mobilization techniques using various at home tools such as a tennis ball, umbrella, or foam roller.

Virtual PT is effective and safe during these trying times and the fact that there's no travel to the clinic makes it easier to squeeze a visit into a busy schedule.

Virtual PT is a permanent part of Marko PT's practice and you are now able to do BOTH, In Person & VIRTUAL physical therapy appointments interchangeably at any time!


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