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The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, According to Experts

Fall is approaching and it's great time to get out there and start a walking program.

One issue many people have when they increase their step count is the onset of plantar fasciitis. This is pain on the bottom of your foot at your heel due to tightening of the calf muscle and/or the plantar fascia. Sometimes this can be caused by mechanical issues at your ankle, knee, or hip so it's a good idea to see your physical therapist to assess this.

However, having a good pair of shoes will help you achieve optimal performance and avoid injury.

Read more about this here in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in SELF Magazine.

If you would like help with ankle or knee issues, Marko Physical Therapy can help.

Make an appointment today with a physical therapist. We have in person and telehealth appointments available.

A physical therapist can help you Restore Your Body!


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