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Understanding Diastasis Recti

Updated: Jan 2

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Diastasis recti, a common yet often misunderstood postpartum condition, occurs when the abdominal muscles separate due to the stretching and thinning of the connective tissue between them. This separation can result in a visible gap between the abdominal muscles, leading to a protruding belly or a "pooch."

While diastasis recti is most commonly associated with pregnancy, it can also affect men and women who engage in activities that place excessive strain on the abdominal muscles. It's crucial to recognize the symptoms early on, as untreated diastasis recti may contribute to back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and overall core weakness.

Addressing diastasis recti involves a multifaceted approach that combines targeted exercises, proper posture, and lifestyle modifications. Physical therapists guide individuals through a tailored exercise program designed to strengthen the deep core muscles and close the separation. Additionally, adopting mindful movements and avoiding activities that exacerbate the condition, such as traditional abdominal exercises like crunches, is essential.

Embracing a holistic approach to recovery can empower individuals to reclaim their core strength and overall well-being, highlighting the importance of education and awareness in managing diastasis recti for a healthier, more active life.


Read more about which exercises to do to help in Dr. Marko's latest contribution in Verywell Health.



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