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What Does K Tape Actually Do?

At this point, you've definitely seen that brightly colored tape people have been wearing on their body at places like their knee or shoulder.

What is this tape? It is kinesio-tape, also called, K Tape. There are many brands of this tape on the market (KT Tape, RockTape) and the colors are just for fun!

What is K tape used for? Generally it is placed on an area of musculoskeletal dysfunction. That could be a muscle strain or a joint problem. Often, in physical therapy clinics, it is used off-label to help support a joint the way a more rigid strapping tape would, but with more freedom to move since K tape has an elasticity to it that other tape doesn't have.

There are several cited benefits of K tape used in the traditional manner. However, current evidence based research does not fully support all supposed benefits.

Read more about the possible benefits of K tape in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in BeachBody.

If you are interested in exploring if K Tape would benefit you, Marko Physical Therapy can help.

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