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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Work All Day From Your Bed or Couch

Where are you working from these days? Are you using your laptop sitting on your bed? Sitting on the couch?

Have you noticed how your neck, hips, and back feel after doing this kind of activity? Sitting on your bed or couch while working presents some of its own challenges. However, if you have a tiny apartment, roommates or a family you are trying to get some solace from while working, the couch or bed might be your only option. There are things you can do to make this environment fit and feel better!

Read more about this in Dr. Marko's new guest feature in Livestrong :

If you would like personalized suggestions on how to make your work set up fit and feel better, Marko Physical Therapy can help. Make an appointment today with a physical therapist! We are doing both IN PERSON and TELEHEALTH!

A physical therapist can help you Restore Your Body!


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