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7 Workout Tips for Women Over 40

More than likely you have heard 40 is the new 20. While that feels good to say, your body might disagree. Women over 40 need to be mindful of a few things such as the possiblity of osteoporosis because as we age, we lose bone mass. Osteoporosis can lead to things like fractures even with minor falls.

Thus, it's important to have strength training in one's routine if not there already because resistance exercise helps to build bone. The other factor to consider, is as we age, we lose muscle mass and resistance exercise helps combat that as well. Lastly, we want to be mindful of our heart health and maintain a good cardiovascular system, which cardio exercise helps improve and maintain.

Read more about all of this in Dr. Marko's guest feature with Jillian Michaels in Healthline:

If you aren't sure where to start, what the difference between cardio and resistance exercise is, or need help starting a program, Marko Physical Therapy can help. Make an appointment today with a physical therapist to help you stay fit!

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